Tape to Digital Conversion 

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Those precious memories are fading away!

Under the bed, In the attic, out in the garage…… Somewhere there’s a box or bag of videotapes you’re hoping to treasure forever, but they’re fading fast!

These priceless video moments are disappearing quickly. Victims of heat, humidity, and time itself. Tapes degrade over time, so why not get those old tapes digitised & transferred to DVD, USB memory stick or SSD before it’s too late. It would be a shame to lose precious memories forever. It’s always entertaining to watch old films with family, relive the nostalgia and remember the special moments. I also digitise negatives and slides. Keenest prices in Ireland.

How much to convert video tape?

Conversion to digital format costs €15  (Up to 3 hours long)

 includes: 1 standard DVD copy 

More than one Tape to be converted – Special discount rates apply

Bulk discounts available.

Extra DVD Copies €5 each.

*Suitable USB Memory drive *extra cost. 

Removal/Cleaning of Tape mould – €2.50 extra.
Damaged/Broken Tape/Casing may be fixable – €2.50 extra.
Unfortunately, sometimes it may be too late for restoration due to severe tape deterioration.

Transfer to USB/Portable Hard Drive

Your converted Videos can also be transferred to a suitable USB memory drive /Portable Hard Drive/Solid State Drive SSD.

 You can supply your own USB/Hard Drive/Solid State Drive (*SSD*)  with enough memory to hold your videos. As a guide, you will need approx. 2GB of memory for every hour of Video. (mpeg2 format)

Suitable USB memory drive or a SSD can be supplied at extra cost if required. 

Videos can also be Saved to Cloud Storage for you to download.

*Most types of Camcorder Tapes Converted. 
DVD Duplication Service

Details available on request


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